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  Барбара Бэйн / Barbara Bain

Краткая биография:
Дата рождения: 13 сентября 1932
Born Millicent Fogel, on Friday 13th September, 1932, in a car en route to the maternity hospital in Chicago. She is 1.7 m (5'7") tall, blonde, with green eyes.
Bain gained a B.S. at the University Of Illinois in 1950, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Philosphy. She moved from Chicago to New York to study dance under Martha Graham, but found the art insular and ill paid. She took a part time job modelling, a career in which she found considerable success, though she disliked it. A friend suggested she go to drama classes, meeting Martin Landau in one class after a modelling assignment. After their marriage in 1957 her first acting role was a small part in the play Middle Of The Night when it went on tour, after which they settled in Beverly Hills. Accompanying her husband to film locations and raising their two daughters, Susan Meredith (born 1960) and Juliet Rose (born 1965), left her little time to pursue her own acting career, but she has done some stage and television work, some to critical acclaim. Her television debut was as a guest in Richard Diamond Private Detective (1959), and she also appeared in episodes of Perry Mason (1960 and 1964), Wagon Train (63), The Dick Van Dyke Show (63), Ben Casey (64) and Get Smart (65).
From 1965 to 1968 Bain played Cinnamon Carter in Mission: Impossible alongside Landau, winning the Emmy best actress award three years in succession. She also appeared with Landau in the Steven Spielberg directed pilot Savage (1973). She appeared in the 1973 TV movie A Summer Without Boys, before moving to London for Space 1999.
Subsequently Bain has guested in The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan's Island (1981), and Moonlighting (1985). She has earned critical acclaim and awards for her theatre work, notably Long Day's Journey Into Night (1984) and Wings (1985). Bain appeared in the films Trust Me (1989), Skinheads (1989) and Spirit Of 76 (1990, produced by her daughter, Susan Landau). Other work includes a recurring role in My So Called Life tv series (1994), and guest roles in The Visitor (1997), Diagnosis Murder (1997), Walker Texas Ranger (1997) and Millenium (1999). Films include: Gideon (1999), Panic (2000).

Актерские работы:
1. Посреди ночи - 1959
2. Детективное Агентство "Лунный Свет" - 1985
3. Паника - 2000
4. Американское оружие - 2002

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